Works for Single Instrument  (except keyboard works)

New Work for Guitar (2021) Duration: 45’.

The Elephant in the Room (2016) at least two timpani. Duration: 5-10'. 

Day Ut Ia Pobrusa (2009) for violin alone. Duration: 4'.            

Variazione Turistiche (2012) for clarinet alone. Duration: 4'.                

Six Folksongs from an Imaginary Country (2003) for viola alone.  Duration: 9'. Recorded by Vladimir Bistritsky on Capstone Records.                                                   

Tenor Variations (2001), for tenor saxophonist. Duration: 6'.              

Ravel Remembers Fascism (1991-92), for 'cello alone. Duration: 7'. Recorded by Dmitri Khrytchev on Capstone Records.                                                                                              

Xuan Men (1991) for violin alone. Duration: 9'. Recorded by Bruce Berg for the CDCM Computer Music Series on Centaur Records. Recorded by Tatiana Razoumova on Capstone Records.

A House Without Mirrors (1988), for harp alone. Duration: 10'.