morris hearing517x517

26 Performer, A Tuesday With Rodney by Jeff Morris on Hearing Voices: Human Sounds, Digital Ears. North Hampton, New Hampshire: Ravello Records, 2020.


25 Composer, Considering Jupiter, for piano and tape, performed by Olga Kleiankina.  Lansing, Michigan: Blue Griffin Records, 2019.

2 min-1400x1400 iwo

24 Composer, Film Noir Trailer, for two flutes, performed by Iwona Glinka. Kwidzyn, Poland: Phasma Records, 2018.

643380945426 Frontcover HK1

23 Composer, Au Revoir, Svetozar, for string quartet and zheng, performed by the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble. Hobart, Australia: Ablaze Records, AR 00032, March, 2017. 


22 Composer, Belgrade Overture, performed by the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra, Mikel Toms, conductor. Hobart, Australia: Ablaze Records, AR 00015, November, 2013. 

Screen shot 2020-08-08 at 2.21.52 PM

21 Composer, Co-Producer, Singing in Traffic, performed by Jonathan Kramer, cello, on the CD, "CHASS Creates". Raleigh: NC State University, 2012.

CD book 1

20. Composer, Winter Concerto, for trumpet, piano, strings. Performed by the London Schubert Players chamber orchestra, Huw Morgan, trumpet soloist; on the CD, "As You Like It".  London: RMA, 2011.

Nimbus re-release



20a. The recording of Winter Concerto by the London Schubert Players chamber orchestra re-released by Nimbus (Wyastone, England) 2013 on a 3-CD set called "A European Odyssey."


60x60 2007 cover

19 Composer, Reminded of Dickens, recorded electronic computer music. On "60x60" 2006-2007". New York: Vox Novus, VN-002, 2008.

cps-8781-200 med


Composer/Producer, "Music For Strings" CD. The Nevsky String Quartet 18  String Quartet: Laredo    17  Ravel Remembers Fascism  16  Six Folksongs from an Imaginary Country   15  Xuan Men  14 String Quartet: Ha! Fortune Brooklyn, New York: Capstone Records CPS-8781, 2007. Review.


13 Composer, Singing in Traffic, performed by Steve Duke, soprano saxophone, on the "Evolutionary Computation" compact disc. London: Springer, 2007. Available for purchase at the Springer site and at Amazon.


12 Composer, Summer Concerto for alto saxophone & Symphony Band. Phil Barham, sax, and the Tennessee Tech Symphony Band, Joseph Hermann, conductor. Tucson: Arizona Univ. Recordings (AUR 3129): Vol. XII of the "America's Tribute to Adolphe Sax" series, 2007. 

saint ambrose cover med

11. Composer/Producer, Saint Ambrose, a chamber opera in one act for saxophonist/actor and recorded electronic computer music. Performed by Steve Duke. Brooklyn: New York: Capstone Records CPS 8708, 2002.



3c and 4a. The entire "Low Fidelity Music: album was re-released as the first offering of Plancton Records (Plancton 001)  in 2002 including of course, More Adult Music and This is Music, As It Was Expected.

pep 005

10 Composer, Still Life with Castanets, recorded electronic computer music. On "Presence III" CD, Montreal: PeP 005, 2002.


3b. The piece,  More Adult Music, was re-released on a Candy Factory label double CD titled Sempre (Candy Factory 007) in 1999.

61scMgdBzKL. SX450

9 Composer/Producer, Visions of Habakkuk, computer music on fixed medium. CDCM Computer Music Series, Vol. 24. Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Centaur Records CD (CRC 2310), 1996.

21zUjqcqHTL. AC UY218

8 Composer/Producer, Xuan Men for violin alone.  Performed by Bruce Berg (in English). CDCM Computer Music Series, Vol. 16.  Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Centaur Records compact disc, (CRC 2193), 1994. 


7 Composer/Performer/Producer, Help Me Remember for performer, interactive computer music systems, and visual projections. CDCM Computer Music Series, Vol. 14. Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Centaur Records CD, (CRC2170), 1993. 


6 Composer/Producer Last Night for alto saxophone and piano.  Phil Barham, sax; Yumi Mayama-Livesay, piano;  CDCM Computer Music Series, Vol. 11; Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Centaur Records compact disc (CRC 2133), 1992.




5 Composer/Producer  A Noite, Porem, Rangeu E Quebrou  for string bass, computer music and computer.  George Dimitri, string bass. CDCM Computer Music Series, Vol. 9;  Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Centaur Records compact disc  (CRC 2078) 1991.


3a. The piece, More Adult Music was re-released on Ama Romanta records disc Ama Romanta 86/89 in 1990.


Performer/Collaborator on two works by Toze Ferreira:

3. More Adult Music and 
4. This Is Music As It Was Expected on the recording LOW FIDELITY MUSIC.  Lisbon, Portugal: Ama Romanta Records (AR 05) 1988. Also sometimes listed as AMRO 13. 



1. Euwe Suite and 

2. Runes 
on the recording "Cartography".  Canton, Texas: IRIDA Records (IRIDA 0007), USA, 1986.