Working fluently with computer music, conceptual and physical virtuosity, as well as comedy, Waschka is perhaps best known for his  theatrical pieces and his music made with compositional algorithms, including three unusual operas. An internationally recognized expert on computer music, Rodney Waschka also performs as a narrator/vocalist/actor -- often with electronic music. His works are regularly presented across the world and recorded by labels in the USA, England, Portugal, Canada, and Australia. Waschka welcomes commissions and other opportunities. Comments on various Waschka works: 

Astonishing Paris Transatlantic Magazine A milestone in the repertoire Computer Music Journal  Cooler than cool Tim Perkis  Profound composition Computer Music Journal Strikingly charismatic Paris Transatlantic Magazine  Great sophistication Computer Music Journal  Fluent and entertaining Musical Opinion, London  Sit back and enjoy Saxophone Journal Unparalleled! Computer Music Journal  Thoroughly enjoyable The Dispatch, South Africa  Something new Fanfare  Will make you put down your knitting and pay attention CVNC  Oddly moving Journal Seamus  A unique voice 21st-Century Music 

Waschka Aizuri Quartet 4 mvt 1

The recordings on this page are an excerpt from the latest of Waschka's  four string quartets, String Quartet No. 4, Mvt. 1 in a live performance by the Aizuri Quartet and an excerpt from the "tape" piece La Verdad (The Truth).  La Verdad was made by manipulating a single, less-than-one-second sound -- the composer's voice saying "digame" (Spanish for "tell me"). No other source sounds were employed in the piece, except for the final sound of the piece, which is not heard in this excerpt. The string quartet is a kind of computer music -- it was composed with the help of a computer program designed and coded by the composer.