Music for Large Ensembles

Trouble Again (1991) for orchestra. BP. Duration: 3:00.

Zivili! (1994) for large ensemble (wind ensemble, plus percussion). BP. Duration: 10:00-20:00.

Empty Frames (1996) for chamber orchestra. BP. Duration: 10 minutes.

String Symphony (2000) for string orchesta. String orchestra version of String Quartet: Laredo. BP. Duration: 20 minutes.

Summer Concerto (2004) for alto saxophone and symphonic band. BP. AUR. Duration: 14 minutes.

Belgrade Overture (2008) for orchestra. Duration: 5:30. BP. AB.

Winter Concerto (2009) for trumpet, piano, and strings. Duration: 12:00. BP. NIM. RMA.

Sayings (2010) for mixed choir. Duration: 5:00.

Piano Concerto (2010) for piano and orchestra. Duration: 22:00. BP.

Raleigh Overture (2015) for orchestra and tape. Duration: 6:00. BP