Keyboard Works

Tocatta and Fugue (1982), for harpsichord alone. ACE. Duration: 7:00.

Invencija (1986), piano alone. ACE. Duration: 10:00.

Postcards from a Civil War (1993) for piano and digital processing. Duration: 15:00.

Vasko Sings, Whispers (1996), for 2 pianos. BP. Duration: circa 8-10:00. (Open form.)

A Simple Gift for Elaine (2008) for piano. BP. Duration: circa 7 minutes.

Greene Sonata (2008) for piano. BP. Duration: circa 6 minutes.

40 for Rob (2009) for piano. BP. Duration: 1- 40 minutes.

Enigmatic Sonatas (2011) for piano. BP. Duration: (All seven sonatas) circa 32 minutes. (Sonatas may be performed individually.)

Notes for Kent Haruf (2016) for amplified piano. BP. Duration: 6 minutes.