Instrument or Voice and Electronic Music

Essay: Déploration sur la mort de Jean-Claude Risset (2017) violin and tape. Duration: 7'.

Considering Jupiter (2016) piano, tape, and real-time video (Video by Emil Polyak). Duration: 7'. Recorded by Olga Kleiankina on Blue Griffin Records.

II (2012) opera for clarinetist and tape. Duration: 40'.

CHATting UP (2009), soloist and tape. Duration: 14'.

Sappho's Breath (2001-2), opera for soprano (with handheld percussion) and tape. Duration: 30'.

Topsy Speaks (2001-2), trombonist and tape. Duration: 10'.

Saint Ambrose (1999-2001) soprano saxophone, tape, and projections. Duration: 40'. Recorded by Steve Duke on Capstone Records.

Singing in Traffic (1997), instrument and tape. Recorded for Springer and for an NCSU CD. 

Help Me Remember (1989-90), for performer, shaker, real-time interactive computer music system and tape. Duration: 18'. Recorded on the CDCM Computer Music Series on Centaur Records, Waschka, performer.

A Noite, Porem, Rangeu E Quebrou (1989) for instrument of low-pitch range, and tape. Duration: 10:30. Recorded by George Dimitri on the CDCM Computer Music series on Centaur Records. 

A Short Letter from a Small Place (1988), text by Mike Gyra, narrator/instrumentalist/vocalist, tape. Duration: 9'.

Shoelace (1984), narrator, tape, text by Charles Bukowski. Duration: 9'.