Electronic Music on Fixed Medium

Portraits (2014-   ) Ongoing series of tape pieces. Duration: 35’+ 

 Pieces may be presented singly or in groups smaller than the full six.

   A Portrait of Bessie Coleman, Harriet Quimby,  Raymonde De      Laroche, and Mary, Lady Heath (2018). Duration: c. 7'.

   A Portrait of Larry Austin (2018). Duration: c. 6'.

   A Portrait of Jonathan C. Kramer (2016). Duration c. 5'.

   A Portrait of Paul Berg (2015). Duration: 5'.

   A Portrait of Stephanie Spencer (2014). Duration: c. 7'.

   A Portrait of Pablo Picasso by One of His Lovers (2014). Duration: 5'.

Iberian Triptych (2001-2016) Duration: c. 10

Pieces may be presented singly or in groups smaller than the full three.

   Still Life with Guitar (2016). Duration: 4'.

   La Verdad (2006). Duration: 3'.

   Still Life with Castanets (2001). 3'.

MAYDAY: Requiem For Those Lost At Sea (2015). Duration: 9'.

Got a Minute? (1996-2012).  Duration: 6’   A group of six one-minute pieces.  (Pieces may be presented  singly or in groups smaller than the full six.)

            Wall Street 2008 (2012). Duration: 1'.

             Aubade (2011). Duration: 1'.

             Strange Moon (2008). Duration: 1'.

             Reminded of Dickens (2007). Duration: 1'.  

             Clementine Variations (1999). Duration: 1'.

             The Ghosts of Krajina (1996). Duration: 1'.

Music for Dance: Horizons (1998). Duration: 5'.

Visions of Habakuk (1987, rev. 1996). Duration: 9'. Recorded for the CDCM Computer Music series on Centaur Records.

Euwe Suite (1985).  Duration: 15'. Recorded on IRIDA Records.

Runes (1983),  with slide projections. Duration: 5'. Recorded on IRIDA Records.