Chamber Music

A Shakespeare Quartet (1989), guitar quartet. Duration: 8:00.

Skim (1992), for multiple clarinets, optional digital processing. BP. Duration: 7:00 -15:00.

Andrejevo Leto (1994) for children's chorus in two or three parts. BP. Duration: 2:00.

Keeping the Core Pure: In Memory of Jerry Hunt (1995) for four vocalists, hand-held percussion, optional digital signal processing. BP. Duration: 10:00-20:00.

Postcards II: Lament (1995) for one or more bassoons with or without digital processing. BP. Duration: 5:00-10:00.

"Music is Dead. Long Live Music!" (1995), for 4 trumpets and 4 string basses.

String Quartet: Laredo (1999), string quartet.  BP. CAPS. Duration: 20:00.

String Quartet: Ha! Fortune (2003), string quartet. BP. CAPS. Duration: 20:00.

Good Luck and Bad Luck (2004), flute, oboe, and piano. BP. Duration: 14:00.

Suite for cello choir or cello quartet (2007). BP. Duration: 11:00. 

Winter Concerto (2009) trumpet, piano, 2 violins, viola, cello, and string bass. BP. RMA. NIMBUS.

Academic Recessional (2010) brass quintet. Duration: 4:00.

Bird Suite (2012) piano trio. Duration: 11:00.

String Quartet #3 (2013). Duration: 9:00.

Beware the New(york) Sugar Adams (2013) string trio. Duration: 1:00.

At Least 21 Governments And/Or Corporations, Using Cameras On The Roads With License Plate Recognition Software and Cameras In Buildings With Face Recognition Software And Various Other Electronic Eavesdropping Devices, Are Currently Attempting To Track Your Movements, Keep A List Of What You Buy, Document How Much Money You Have And Where You Spend It, Archive What You Read At Home And At The Library, Record What You Eat And With Whom You Meet, As Well As Catalog What You Look At On The Internet (2014) for unspecified sextet. Duration: c. 3:00.

Confrontations (2015-2016) for unspecified sextet. Duration: 4:00.

Au Revoir, Svetozar (2016) string quartet and guzheng. Duration: 8:00. 

Wealth Inequality 2016 (2016) percussion trio. Duration: 5-10 minutes.

String Quartet #4 (2016). Duration: 11:00.