Premieres of At Least 21...

Contemporary Music for All -- Bristol gave the world premiere performance of the sextet, At Least 21... (for full title see Compositions), on November 26, 2014 at the Bristol Music Club in Bristol, England. The work is scored for six undesignated instruments, with four parts notated with treble clefs and two parts notated in the bass clef.  The CoMA Bristol Players include: Isabel Jones, Emily Harmer (flutes); Diana Van Loock, Yvonna Magda (violins); Bennet Jones (clarinet); Mark Langford (bass clarinet); Heather Gibbard (cello); Julian Dale (double bass); Vyv Hope-Scott, Ann Claxton (piano/percussion); Katherine Martin (percussion). Mark Lawrence conducted.

Less than two weeks later, the Central Michigan University New Music Ensemble gave the United States premiere of At Least 21..., on Sunday, December 7, 2014 in the Staples Family Concert Hall. The New Music Ensemble is directed by Nathan Brown. A copy of the program appears below.

New Music Ensemble Fall 14 program